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Monday, March 26, 2007

Eeeww, yuck.

EEWWW, YUCK. That is what we heard Kacy say Wednesday night when we pulled up to our house and turned off the truck. When you turn off the truck, the interior light comes on. Ed was asleep in his carseat, looking like this. I had some leftover chocolate chip cookies from mutual and gave him a piece before we left for home. He must have enjoyed it, or maybe he fell asleep with it in his hand and got it all over. Whatever he did, it grossed Kacy out, and made a good mess. Go Ed! (I'm in this picture- might be the closest thing you see of me. That navy blue bit is my shoulder.)

Got my van back from Camburg Engineering in Huntington Beach on Thursday. Ryan, the kids, and I all went together, and the kids did pretty well for being in the ar all day. We stopped at a McDonald's in Norco for lunch and they had a feeble attempt of a playground. It was bad. But the bathrooms were really clean and they didn't mess up our order, so that is a plus! I will post a picture of my van soon.

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