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Thursday, March 29, 2007

High chair solution and fun in the... dirt!

This is Ed and his new "high chair". It's new, but it is definitely not high. We just don't have the space.And for any of you wondering where this pic was taken, it is in my house. Trailer. Whatever. Yes, I have diamond plate as baseboards... shiny! I love it for reals though. Ed's new seat keeps his hands out of the kids food and keeps me from cleaning up so much spilled milk, juice, food, etc. This seat also folds up nicely. Wow!

Kacy and Will heading for the beach... at least that is what Kacy said. They are going to the motorcycle track to play in the dirt. They love their new shovels.

Stock update- I am just impatient. This goes for the stock market as well. I have sold a few of my stocks and bought some new ones because I felt my Dow stocks weren't doing anything. They havesince gone up some, and after paying trading fees, my new little portfolio is a measly 7% for the month instead of the 17% it would have been if I hadn't been so impatient. And after figuring in my trading fees of 15 buck a trade, I spent 105 dollars of what I had initially made. Sad! But on the plus side, I have vowed not to do any trading the month of April unless my stocks go down 8% of new money, in which case I will sell them and hold onto the cash. Also, a book I am reading made me feel better because the author said the first two or three years of investing are where you should make the most mistakes and learn the most. Boy howdy, is he right! Another positive is that I am still in the black, worth more than my initial investment. I'm going to keep trying (to be patient.)

One last thing- the weather in the "high mountain desert" is so extreme...this morning it was 28, now it is a beautiful 67.

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  1. There on a Misson who knows where they will end up. And Ed is so cute