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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I am so bad at this blog thing. I just don't seem to make it a priority for time. I am especially bad at posting pictures. Maybe I will work on that. A new goal!

My kids are eating me out of house and home. Or trailer and home. All three have been eating for the last hour, and it doesn't help that I need to go grocery shopping. I have no idea what we are eating for dinner tonight. Maybe pizza, since Ryan is buying the whole YM pizza.

Will used the bathroom today all by himself. It really surprised me and he wanted no help at all. Completely different than Kacy, who needs friends while she's in the loo.

Ed has been in a good mood today. I ignored them all for awhile this morning while I tried sewing, but I gave up on that for awhile. I am just not that good. I keep telling myself not to give up, but learning new things can be discouraging.

Did you know they make dark chocolate M&M's?

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  1. Yea Will! BTW- I had an awful day sewing yesterday its really no fun when you have kids needing you. Im almost done with a really cute bag. I'll post it on this thingy when its all done.