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Monday, March 5, 2007

New Stuff

This is all new stuff for me, Karrie, the woman in charge of this site. Check it out to see pictures of my kids, check the progress of our house, see where we live... lots of stuff about us! This will be a work in progress for about a week or so; that is my goal anyway. I have lots of plans this week so we will see exactly what gets accomplished. In the mean time, here is the latest news in our little fam: Ed is getting tooth number two and pulls himself up to stand, and he's cute. Will is learning to use the potty, and is cute. Kacy drew a picture of herself today and said "Look mom, here is a picture of me. See my butt?" and she had drawn a big bump on the side of her body. She also has an imaginary house. Some kids have imaginary friends and pets. Kacy has an imaginary house in "Roseday". It's pink with a red roof. She has three dogs names Melissa, Annie, and Bushy. One cat named Jingle Bells. She has pink and red roses. She has a five bladed wind turbine with flowers all over it. It's a little crazy... She's cute too.

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  1. So glad you joined the blogs, Karrie. I love reading about everyone...
    (I thought Kacy's Roseday dogs were Melissa, Annie and "Ruffie". Oh well, grandmas are forgetful!)