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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Other new stuff

Will and his first ride on the quad... he loved it and is actually very good at steering and using the throttle. No, he is not wearing a helmet because he runs faster than the quad was set at, and besides, he hates Kacy's pink helmet. (Directly behind him is where we are going to build our house. If your use a microscope you might be able to see where the stakes are.)

Here is Ryan on the far left, along with a bunch of guys who camped on our property and then played paintball (to all you paintball enthusiasts- if you don't "play paintball" I apologize. How else do you say it?) all morning this last Saturday.

Our beautiful tractor... actually, I took this picture because it is my favorite view. This is what we will see when we open our front door. Minus the tractor, of course. Except maybe at Christmas, when I might put lights on it.


  1. Glad you're bloggin' too...
    Love the pics.

    Friday morning babysitting is fine with me.

    Sunday Aimee and Cooper will be in town so I invited all the Clement Clan to join us for BBQ ribs. David, Randy and Ryan can do the grilling, and Anita and I will do the salad and dessert. (Hope Ryan isn't working.)

  2. Karrie, I love the blog!! I'm so glad to see the kids and your property...all are beautiful! I too love Ugly Betty!!! Cant wait to see more blogging! :)