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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Tuesday March 13, 2007

So I am thinking I am really diversified in my hobbies. Like I told Jocelyn a while ago, I am kinda good at some things, but not really good at any one thing. I am thinking of all the things I am working on right now and all the things I want to work on (it's all your fault Jocelyn- you had to go and mention boutique girl clothes and now I am thinking "What can I make for Kacy" and maybe I can get good enough to sell stuff!" Good thing we have Sundays to bounce ideas off of each other...)

I am officially signed up for the San Jose Mountain Bike triathlon. Go me! My goal is to finish.

I have five Easter dresses to make for my nieces and Kacy. Again, my goal is to get them finished!

I am thinking I am going to change my stock market strategy a little and ditch my Dow stocks. I know historically they are a decent investment, and the market isn't that hoppin' right now, but come on! My non Dow stocks that I did research on are rockin' at 35 % return! I think I will go for more companies like that. Take a little more risk. Be brave!

My kids are stuck on a book right now. "Go, Dog. Go!" by PD Eastman. I picked out at our last library trip because it used to be my favorite, and I have read it twice a day for the last week and a half. That's why Kacy has it memorized. If you didn't know better, you would think she could read. (She can't, I promise.) And even Will has certain pages memorized.

Ed has this habit of pulling himself up to the kids table and sticking his hand in their food. This morning it was Will's bowl of Cocoa Puffs. Milk was everywhere, and Ed ate more of the cereal than Will did. Last night is was part of Kacy's steak and some rice. Rice is cool, but chunks of steak for a boy with two teeth is not. He gets so mad whenever I take food away from him (and it's always for his own safety!)

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