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Monday, April 16, 2007

Creative People KILL me!

My goal is 4 a week, and I've met my quota, and won't post them all. Unless someone finds them interesting, in which case it's a snap to post these things.
As for the title of this post, I'm not going to dismiss anything I do when I try to be creative, but I am just not original or creative at all. It is DIFFICULT for me to be creative. I was looking at the list of blogs that "blogspot" noticed, and they are so original. Fun names and titles, cool art work... I better stop because it sounds like I'm whining. I'm not, I promise. Kibbe and I agree completely that Amy P has this innate talent/gift for making things look good. She's a great decorator without trying, she has a great eye for design. She has an excellent wardrobe that Kibbe and I get the next season (for free!). Kibbe is naturally organized. Me? I naturally eat lots of food. I like to run and do sporty things. Kendra laughs easily and likes to be social. Dany will try anything new (except at El Portal where she always gets carne asada tacos a la carte and a diet pepsi, which I do too). Cousin Amanda- killin' me with the invitations and party throwing skills I've seen. Jocelyn- killin' me with the sewing and fun color combos that seem to work. We all have our talents, and I guess I'm just a little envious of the creative ones. One last rambling thought- Amy P. doesn't know it yet, but Kibbe has this GREAT idea. Amy should have her own show on HGTV where she decorates a house in and out (she's a landscape designer by trade), Kibbe can organize it, and I can sew the curtains. (Amy can sew too, but I need a part in the show.) If that doesn't pan out, I think I'll hire her to be my personal shopper.


  1. Thye are knock down gorgeous. I especially love the look on Big Ed's face. But Kacey is so angelic. Please tell her Uncle Dandy say he loves her and of course her brothers too.