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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

a funny conversation

Here is part of a conversation I had after lunch today with Kacy and Will. They were both sitting on my lap and Kacy was looking at my rings. We started talking about getting married and I said that one day when she is grown up she will get married.
Her reply: "Yea, to Will because he's my age"
Me: "No, brothers and sisters don't get married. You marry a friend."
Kacy: "Like Sami?" (Sami is a little girl Kacy is friends with)
Me: "No, girls don't get married to girls, girls marry boys and boys marry girls."
Kacy: "Oh. Then Trevor. I'll marry him because he is a boy." (Trevor is Sami's little brother)
Me: "That sounds good."
Kacy "Hey Will, who are you going to marry? Sami? Because she's a girl."
Will "Nope. Mom."


  1. Awwww.... I love this story. I have had this exact conversation with my kids. Brooke really thinks she has figured out who everyone in our family is marrying. For a long time she was marrying dad now she will marry her friend Jacob (not our Jacob. Morgan will marry Jacob's little brother Noah and Riley will marry our Jacob. I tried to explain that Jacob and Riley can't marry each other because they are brother and sister but she isn't budging on this one. Maybe you can take a crack at it.

  2. I was cracking up when I read this.Your kids are so funny. I can't believe the things they come up with.