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Thursday, April 5, 2007

I quit!

I quit sewing today. I am going to go into semi-retirement from it. I was doing a simple project, something I have done four times before, and this one is just not working. I was applique-ing a letter J onto a t-shirt for my nephew's b-day present. I did do one thing different this time- I used double sided fusible interfacing, which keeps the "j" in place well. The problem is my machine (or me, most likely). My thread keeps breaking. I tried different thread, a larger needle, a combination of both. I tried tension adjustment, but I haven't ever had to fix that since I got the machine. I somehow think that the little off-roading trip my sewing machine took a couple of weeks ago in the back of my van with Ryan driving has hurt it. He didn't know it was back there, and I didn't know he took my van out. He came back and said "What do you have in back of the van? Things were flying everywhere!" AND while I was changing needles today, Ed grabbed the foot pedal and sat on it. The machine was ON. I'm lucky not to have any holes in my hand. So, I quit, unless someone has a brilliant idea to fix my machine. This is my rant and now I'm finished. Good thing I have left over chocolate from YW last night.


  1. Hey there! Was catching up on your family's adventures and thought I'd give you my 2 cents about the seewing machine. Mine did something similar to this once and so I called Mom, who asked if I had cleaned it out and oiled it recently... Oiling it is like magic. Mine works like a dream now, course I had her walk me through what to unscrew and where to put oil, but you can try that. I'm sure bouncing around the back of the van didn't help it any....

  2. Don't give up Karrie or some day you be as good as me. Wait a minute I can't sew anything at all. Oh I get it.

  3. Hey I saw kacey's dress on granma's blog and it looks great. I think you may have another bobby brewing. Yes siree you maybe a sewer. oh did I mean sew er