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Saturday, April 21, 2007

oh, delusional me... at least i'm happy!

No news is good news, right? Not according to my mom who is hinting that I need to post some more pictures of my kids. All in good time, m'lady. Like next week maybe. Otherwise, we are survivng up here in out mountain-desert place. I tried biking up a mountain today and have made several conclusions. One, I don't have biking muscles yet. Two, I don't have biking technique. Three, riding up a mountain in sand that is at least three inches deep isn't fun, and really it is almost impossible. Four, I didn't know that sand could slow you down so much when you are going downhill. Five, I really think I am delusional to think that I am an athlete and can possibly do this triathlon in June. Six, and last, I am not a quitter. I think it might be nice to quit, but then I try and I just can't. So I am sticking with it until I get it right. Oh, and I need to carry a first aid kit with me. I didn't run into any cactus, but they were awfully close to the road. We have some nasty looking cactus that Ryan calls "choya". I just call them something you don't want to touch!

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