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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sewing, shopping, and sickness

First, the sickness- everyone in our house has some kind of illness. Good times! At least we are all getting it out of the way now. I guess.

Next, the sewing- I am coming out of retirement! I am going to have Ryan look at my machine and fix it. He's really good at things like that. I started packing up all my sewing stuff to put in storage and had second thoughts. Plus, Randy and Jocelyn are too, too kind.

Lastly, the shopping- mostly why I am going to keep on sewing. I went shopping for Kacy for church dresses. I kept thinking "Doesn't anyone make a cotton dress with sleeves of some kind?" My two simple wishes for dresses- that they have a sleeve of somekind and that they be breathable, melt resistant cotton.The answer is NO. No they do not. Not at department stores. Maybe at boutiques where they would be really cute and REALLY expensive. I just can't pay more than 20 bucks for something that will only last one season. The girl grows so fast and she has really long legs. And anyone who knows me knows I hate shopping. Of all kinds. But especially clothes shopping. I thought it was because I was too critical of what I thought fit me right. But it turns out I hate shopping for others as well.

Other stuff- I kinda/sorta forgot Oscar's birthday again. And again. You would think I would remember since it is the day before our anniversary. But the funny thing about our anniversary is that I always remember the day before, and mostly the day or two after, but the actual day always seems to slip my mind. We don't really do anything anyway, so I didn't have plans to think about. Plus I was sick. Plus it was Easter. Blahblahblah... we'll have another 50+more of these to go, so no big deal. As for Oscar's birthday, I know what to get him now. He'll just have to wait until Sunday to get it.

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  1. Oh my gosh. Magic Johnson did it. Michael Jordon did it. And Scottie Pippen did it. And now ladies and gentlemen....Karrie Bunting has done it. She has come out of retirement for the love of the game...er love of sewing. Yeah (sounds of fans going wild) We are proud of you, say hey hey hey we are proud of you(you know like a cheer) You go girl!!!