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Sunday, April 15, 2007

So, this isn't the owl I hit, because this owl is sitting safely in a tree. The owl I hit tonight flew from the side of the mountain (for lack of a better word... the part of the terrain where the road is carved into the side of it. Oh my mommy brain!). Now, technically, the owl hit me. I wasn't going that fast, and I think it bounced off and was okay. And if not, some lucky coyote is going to have an easy time coming up with dinner. The creepy part? I turn into our driveway one and a half miles later and an owl is sitting in the middle of our road. Waiting. Staring. Ready to get it's revenge for me killing it's brother. Just kidding. That's a little Hollywood psycho right there. But you can bet it crossed my mind for a second when it's BLACK outside and I am coming home to an empty trailer and all my kids are asleep...


  1. Whooo did you say hit an owl. I had to do it before somebody else did it.

  2. I'm glad no rocks came rolling down in the canyon on your way home after the rain.

    An owl's scarry enough.

  3. That is SOOOO creepy!!! I'm glad you didn't get your eyes pecked out :)