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Monday, April 16, 2007

Stock Update

I know to some of you this is probably the most boring thing I write about. But I continue! I love the idea of the stock market, and I love having my money make me money. I do put in some time in researching my companies, and part of it is still luck I think. I have made some mistakes, but my winners are way more winning than my losers lost. My mistakes: buying into Dow companies. They are tried and true, will usually keep up with inflation, but you might as well have your money in a FDIC monet market or CD. At least that is insured. My other mistake was investing in one company that shortly went down to my 8% loss rule. So, I lost money (about $65, including trading fees) on that one. Didn't do enough homework. But my successes! They are doing so well! I bought Jones Soda and it has almost tripled. THAT is my one true Vegas stock. The two others I have are doing well, one went up 9% today, and has steadily increased after a small dip after I bought it, and the other went up 3% today. Of the Dow stocks I had origianlly purchased, I sold three and held onto one, ATT, only because it made SOME money. A little. It has made enough (finally) to pay for it's trading fee with enough profit for some french fries. It's leaving my portfolio and I will search for a new company to invest in. My whole portfolio is at 34.75% after today. That doesn't include some trading fees I didn't calculate in, so maybe more realistically it's like 25%. I'll have to do some math. But not now. Now it's naptime.

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  1. I love the photo for this post...but I think they need to be 100's the way you are going! :)