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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Will and his motorcycle

...and his dreams. I feel I should explain why Will isn't on a quad in the pictures. Will WAS on a quad earlier that morning. The first thing he did was peg the throttle and t-bone one of our cars. He wasn't hurt, the vehicle wasn't hurt, the quad took a hit though. His steering hasn't caught up with his need for speed. He likes to go FAST. Ryan fiddled with the adjustable throttle and slowed it way down. That made me happy, but Will went about 10 yards and said "Done now." and started to get off. Ryan made it go a little faster (he told Will it would really fast again...) and Will got back on and rode some more. This is why Will is not riding with other riders and pedestrians around. He is just too dangerous. This is Will (and his 'fro) on Benjamin's PW50. Maybe next year...

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  1. Will you look awesome. Hang in there. He needs a cape and SW on his chest. You know "Super Will" or something like that. Someday he can jump Lake Isabella or maybe Poso Creek. Or not