Welcome to my little ol' blog. I'll be upfront about it: I don't blog very often any more. If you found your way here because you read my book "Trailer Life," have a gander! But it's easier to keep up with me on Instagram or on my Facebook page. I have this long, drawn out theory on why I'm a terrible blogger, but that is a story for another day. Enjoy the ramblings of my life from the last 8 years or so.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

happy birthday ed!

This is Ed- on his birthday. Monday Ed turned one year old! Here is a spotlight on Walker Edsel Bunting: favorite food: dog food (he likes everything I give him, but can't seem to keep out of Honda's food) favorite drink: rootbeer hobbies include rolling in the dirt and hugging mom. Ed will fight for what he believes in (fair play, no stealing his drink or toy) We love you Ed!

Here is Kacy's latest addition- a tiered skirt out of this really funky material with an appliqued tee... she wasn't being very cooperative so this is the only picture. Oh well.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Have you done this recently?

Last week my freind Kibbe was without a computer because hers crashed. She was worried about all her pictures... luckily, she was able to retreive most of them. SOOOOO, as a freindly reminder to anyone who cares, today might be a great day for making a back-up disc or however you want to back stuff up. You never know when your computer will hate you and quit. (My Photoshop album did it for me yesterday automatically- it took 3 CDs).

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another skirt for kacy

This is a skirt I made for Kacy. It is my own design, which means I didn't use a pattern and ended up with something different than I had originally thought of. Some mistakes turn out really well in the end. The skirt has four box pleats and a rolled edge hem. I don't have any cute backgrounds to take pictures of her, she always ends up standing in front of this semi-blank wall we have. So, I hurridly colored the background... kinda weird, huh?
This week found us busy- Sunday was a family birthday party for Kacy (to see pictures go to Cherie and David's blog). Monday we did something, but I forgot. Tuesday we went to Murray Farms in Bakersfield for playgroup, it was really yummy. It is like the old Bussell ranch thing out on Stockdale Hwy and I-5 (anyone remember that?) where they grow fruits and you can pick your own or buy from the fruit stand. We took a hayride and picked blueberries (the very yummy part), the kids went to the petting zoo, where Will touched a llama for approx. 0.002 seconds, and then we went to a hay maze. Don't go to the hay maze when your toddlers can run ahead of you and turn corners and don't stop. I did find them, almost cursing under my breath. All in all we had a great time. Last night we had our weekly church activities, but mine was in Bakersfield again, so it was a drive up and down the canyon. Today all we have done is gone to the James store and get Milk and bread and Cheetos, our family staples. What's for dinner? I put a pork roast, carrots, and an onion in the crock pot this morning, and we will have rice-a-roni with it too.
I got a planner and it is working wonders for my organization and time management stuff. I had a bad few months where I didn't know which way was up or what time anything was, now I feel much better. I had lost my little calendar and *poof* my sanity too. Now I am back on track.
I have a new title for my blog. I've never liked "The Bunting Family" because it is MY blog, and that just sounds so boring. But, I'm not creative. Until I had a moment in church this Sunday. A lady came up to me and said, "Is that the skirt you were working on this week? Dany told me about it." I said yes, and my friend behind me goes "Well aren't you just a Molly Mormon!" and I said "WHAT??? NO ONE has ever called me that before!" She said, "Well, you make homemade bread and you sew." Here's the real scoop: I do make homemade bread in a bread machine for our sacrament bread almost every Sunday. I hate the taste of stale white bread. Ryan is in charge of bringing it, so that means I bring it. And as for the sewing, I try. I like it. Now, I don't know many Molly Mormons myself, and I am still undecided if that is a compliment or not. If that's who I've turned into, I guess that's okay. It struck me as really funny though, comical even, that someone called me a Molly Mormon.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

This was Ed last night as I was scanning old pictures into my computer... I looked down and he was hugging the dog. The look on his face was priceless; he looked so happy and content. He was probably just thinking it was funny because the dog was breathing so fast and making Ed's head go up and down. At any rate, Ed kept putting his head on Honda and then smiling, over and over, until I ruined it by taking a picture.
Kacy on her brand new super duper cool bike she got from mom and dad on her birthday. She knows how to ride it. I am amazed. She keeps practicing and can almost start herself going. A little tough to ride in the sand, but easier on the falls. She is so excited to maybe take her bike to her grandma Bunting's tomorrow and show her how she can ride. (I am amazed because I didn't learn to ride until I was 8. That's what you get when you grow up with a bunch of girls in the family; no one thinks about bikes until you beg and plead. My brother, the only boy on my mom's side of the family, who we grew up with in Bako, got a bike when he was four. He would ride around in a white t-shirt, a cowboy hat, those cool 80's gym shorts with the white trim, and cowboy boots.)

Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Kacy

Happy Birthday Kacy! A spotlight on Kacy: Says her favorite food is popcorn, but everytime we have it she eats like 5 pieces... so she just changed her mind and says it's meat or a salami sandwich. Favorite color is pink. Her favorite thing to do is help wash the dishes (yea for mom!). Favorite TV show The Goodnight Show (PBS). She says she loves to ride her tricycle. It's good to be four!

A Busy Week

Another picture of my kids, this time playing in the sandbox. I had to get my camera when I saw how dirty Ed was. I don't know if Honda licked his face and then Ed fell in the dirt face first or what.

This week we have been really busy. Tomorrow is our Boy Scout/ Young Women fundrasier., and we have been busy getting ready for that. We are doing a BBQ, a Pinewood Dreby race, and a service auction. It should be fun, but it can be a lot of work.

On a sewing note, I made a shirt and skirt for Kacy out of two really cute fabrics, but the combination didn't work. So, One of Kendra's girls is gettting a really cute peasant style dress, and Kacy is getting a cute skirt to wear as soon as I find a shirt to match. This was a project were my skills were avtually decent, but the design was bad. But, it all worked out in the end. And I think I made an awesome pattern for a really, really, easy dress for little girls. I will try to take/post a picture soon.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Annual Mother's Day picture

My tradition of taking a picture on Mother's Day of me and the kids lives on! Started when Kacy was almost one, my first official mom's day, the small group of photos has seen me pregnant twice (last year I was HUGE!) and only one year the kids were crying. It is hard to get kids to look at the camera at once. My Mother's Day included trying to get the kids ready for church (almost late, of course), having the iron fall on my hand (still running a little late) and then finally getting out of the house and watching Will fall on his face and scrap up his arm. So, we walked into church to meet Ryan (there early for meetings that he didn't know were cancelled) to find us burnt, bleeding, and still putting on shoes. After church we went to Ryan's mom's and ate yummy meatloaf with her and Granny Ellen. Then we went to my mom's house and met Kendra and her family. She brought her dog, we brought ours, and my parent's two dogs were there. Add seven kids and you get a really crazy, loud, hairy time. On a side note, Ed walks a bit, and everytime he starts, he does a "war cry" and then starts laughing, at which point he falls down.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Meet Honda

This is our newest family member, Honda. Austrailian Sheperd, male, about 8 weeks old. He slept very well last night, and is going to be a pet/guard dog. (As opposed to a hunting dog, which you treat differently.) The kids are excited.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"No, mom!"

"No, mom! I want red one!" cries Will, tears leaking from his eyes.
"The red shirt is dirty. You can't wear a dirty shirt." replies mom, trying not to laugh. (Grabs camera real fast and snaps a picture...)
"Blue one then. I want blue one. No airplane!" insists Will.
Mom changes Will's shirt to a plain navy blue polo shirt that he thinks is okay. All is well.
Will HATES shirts with stuff on them. He tolerates his Thomas shirt because Thomas the Tank is engine is cool, but as for random graphics, he hates them. He is also VERY resistent to change. He likes things the way they are, and buying new clothes for the boy and getting him to wear them is a challenge.(This goes for new foods, new sheets on the bed, new shoes, a new spot in the car...) We had to convince him his new Vans were cool because they were black like Dad's Vans. Had to convince him his plaid button up shirt was okay because it was like Dad's. Unless it is absolutely a solid color, he has problems with it. I'm surprised he didn't notice the shorts he's wearing, I think he was too horrified with the shirt.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

fun at the fish hatchery

The fish hatchery in Kernville. It was fun!
Inside a building where they actually hatch the fish, Kacy found a dead one. She said "Hey mom, why is this one over here dead?" Our guide, Greg, seemed a little mortified that little kids saw a half eaten dead fish, but no one really cared. It's the food chain, right? He explained that a racoon probably caught it outside and brought it in.
Story time on the blanket. The arrows are pointing to our kids. Notice that Will is actually looking at the book and seems to be paying attention. He soon got up and started to wander around.
Ah, Ed. He had a gingersnap in each hand and one in his mouth. Ed loves playgroup in an "almost one year old" kind of way- he watched the kids, grunted at the fish, and by far his favorite thing was the snacks. A true Bunting. We go for the food.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Ryans 3 things about Ryan by Ryan

I was told that I have to do this-------Ryan

3 things I'm afraid of: 1) Karrie 2) People with a lazy eye 3) Things I can't control
3 Things that Make Me Laugh: 1)People with mullets 2) Cartoons with small twitchy animals that don't talk 3) Watching my friends crash their motorcycles
3 Things I Love: 1) My family 2) Food 3) My job
3 Things I Hate: 1) Crows (Flying Rats) 2) Mice (The kind that make nests in your motorcycle gear bag) 3)Seeing a tweaker you've arrested in the grocery store while your with your family
3 Things I Don’t Understand: 1) How the Internet works 2) Why things that are good for you don't taste as good as things that are bad for you 3) Why people call me a liar when I tell them how fast they were going and give them a ticket. (I have no reason to lie?)
3 Things On My Desk:1) A fender bender report I need to finish 2) a 2006 California Vehicle Code 3) 1 used bottle of White out
3 Things I’m Doing Right Now: 1) Bouncing my knee 2) Thinking about getting a dog (Australian Shepard) 3) Wondering what that smell is coming from and hoping Karie handles it.
3 Things I Want To Do Before I Die: 1) Own a Harley Davidson 2) Hunt with my boys 3) Race the Baja 1000
3 Things I Can Do: 1) Weld 2) Jump up and touch my toes 3) Get all 4 wheels off the ground in a patrol car
3 Things I Can’t Do: 1)Remember numbers 2) Speak Spanish 3) Start building a house(waiting on the county)
3 Things I Think You Should Listen To: 1) Prophets 2) Any music by George Strait 3) Yourself
3 Things You Should Never Listen To: 1) 80's music 2) Al Sharpton 3) Al Gore
3 Things I’d Like To Learn: 1)How to reload ammo 2) How to make a Damascus steel knife 3)How to make a saddle.
3 Favorite Foods: 1) Top Sirloin 2) Rice-a-roni fried rice with almonds 3)Peach cobbler
3 Shows I Watched As A Kid: 1) Chips 2) Mash 3) Wiley the coyote and the Roadrunner
3 Things I Regret: I have no regrets. Well maybee one, I should have thrown that stupid Trojan statue over the fence the night of the home coming game.

The three things challenge!

Here you go, things about me, inspired by cousin Amanda. You are next if you haven't done this this yet, right? RIGHT?

3 things I'm afraid of: 1) tarantulas 2) losing Will or Will getting hit by a car in the parking lot 3) making waves (as in causing trouble, fights, arguements, tension)

3 Things that Make Me Laugh: 1) Sheen from "jimmy nuetron" 2) my kids laughing at me 3) myself

3 Things I Love: 1) my family, duh! 2) microwaves 3) my super duper van

3 Things I Hate: 1) clothes shopping for myself 2) pickles 3) when people won't try new things and make excuses (hellooo? everyone gets nervous, get over it already!)

3 Things I Don’t Understand: 1) why kids can't be born potty trained. 2) economics 3) why teletubbies and boo-bahs exist (my kids are not allowed to watch them- they scare me!)

3 Things On My Desk: pillows and blankets- I don't have a desk. Just a laptop on my bed.

3 Things I’m Doing Right Now: 1)Eating Cheetos 2) Watching "Fairly Oddparents" 3) Thinking of what to sew for Kacy next

3 Things I Want To Do Before I Die: 1) See my kids have families of their own. 2) learn patience 3) be really organized

3 Things I Can Do: 1)lose socks 2)convince myself I'm sporty (I am, I am, I am!) 3) try new things with out being afraid

3 Things I Can’t Do: 1)Play the piano in front of people 2)keep my kids reasonably clean at all times 3)pass up ice cream

3 Things I Think You Should Listen To: 1) Your parents. 2) kids (lots of insight) 3) complete silence

3 Things You Should Never Listen To: 1) Music with bad words or synthesized instruments.(amen Joceybee!) 2) that inner voice that says you are no good at _______(fill it in) 3) newspapers, news people, and stock anaylists.

3 Things I’d Like To Learn: 1)How to sew really well 2) Scripture stories, where they are, and be able to quote them 3)How to keep my mouth shut more often.

3 Favorite Foods: 1) peanut butter 2) cheeseburgers 3) dark chocolate

3 Shows I Watched As A Kid: 1) smurfs 2) justice league 3) Cosby Show

3 Things I Regret: 1) Being embarrassed of my religion/afraid to share my beliefs with others 2) caring too much what others think. 3) dressing immodestly when I was younger

Friday, May 4, 2007

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday To Jocelyn! Yay for 27!

a new attempt

Here is another sewing attempt by me. I got this brilliant idea off of ebay. (Ladies more talented than I sell sets like this starting at $30- I love the idea and plan on doing some capris for her as well). I used some material I found at the cheap fabric store in Bako. Those are tulips- that part was my idea, and yes, they are freeform. Note, I am not an artist. The stems are made from ribbon I had. It was too wide so I folded it in half, which makes it a little too stiff. I still need to hem it before church on Sunday. The most important thing is that Kacy LOVES it. That's what counts, right? I am going to do it again with different fabrics, a shirt that isn't old and nasty (those tulips are covering up a chocolate stain and a hole...) and the shirt is a little small. Everytime I sew I learn something new. That's good I guess. (Anyone who sews knows that learning from your mistakes is not what you want to be doing when trying to make an outfit/project.)

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

"Mom's lasagna is the best!" by Ed

Ed ate more than I did, although it looks like a lot of it is on his face. He was licking his plate.