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Monday, May 14, 2007

Annual Mother's Day picture

My tradition of taking a picture on Mother's Day of me and the kids lives on! Started when Kacy was almost one, my first official mom's day, the small group of photos has seen me pregnant twice (last year I was HUGE!) and only one year the kids were crying. It is hard to get kids to look at the camera at once. My Mother's Day included trying to get the kids ready for church (almost late, of course), having the iron fall on my hand (still running a little late) and then finally getting out of the house and watching Will fall on his face and scrap up his arm. So, we walked into church to meet Ryan (there early for meetings that he didn't know were cancelled) to find us burnt, bleeding, and still putting on shoes. After church we went to Ryan's mom's and ate yummy meatloaf with her and Granny Ellen. Then we went to my mom's house and met Kendra and her family. She brought her dog, we brought ours, and my parent's two dogs were there. Add seven kids and you get a really crazy, loud, hairy time. On a side note, Ed walks a bit, and everytime he starts, he does a "war cry" and then starts laughing, at which point he falls down.


  1. Cute picture!

    Now if we can get one with Ryan in it on Father's Day we could cut and paste and finally have a family picture.

  2. if Superman and the Flash raced to the edge of space, who would win? ED!

  3. Your kids are so dang cute and your cute too. Uncle Dandy says AWESOME!!!