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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Another skirt for kacy

This is a skirt I made for Kacy. It is my own design, which means I didn't use a pattern and ended up with something different than I had originally thought of. Some mistakes turn out really well in the end. The skirt has four box pleats and a rolled edge hem. I don't have any cute backgrounds to take pictures of her, she always ends up standing in front of this semi-blank wall we have. So, I hurridly colored the background... kinda weird, huh?
This week found us busy- Sunday was a family birthday party for Kacy (to see pictures go to Cherie and David's blog). Monday we did something, but I forgot. Tuesday we went to Murray Farms in Bakersfield for playgroup, it was really yummy. It is like the old Bussell ranch thing out on Stockdale Hwy and I-5 (anyone remember that?) where they grow fruits and you can pick your own or buy from the fruit stand. We took a hayride and picked blueberries (the very yummy part), the kids went to the petting zoo, where Will touched a llama for approx. 0.002 seconds, and then we went to a hay maze. Don't go to the hay maze when your toddlers can run ahead of you and turn corners and don't stop. I did find them, almost cursing under my breath. All in all we had a great time. Last night we had our weekly church activities, but mine was in Bakersfield again, so it was a drive up and down the canyon. Today all we have done is gone to the James store and get Milk and bread and Cheetos, our family staples. What's for dinner? I put a pork roast, carrots, and an onion in the crock pot this morning, and we will have rice-a-roni with it too.
I got a planner and it is working wonders for my organization and time management stuff. I had a bad few months where I didn't know which way was up or what time anything was, now I feel much better. I had lost my little calendar and *poof* my sanity too. Now I am back on track.
I have a new title for my blog. I've never liked "The Bunting Family" because it is MY blog, and that just sounds so boring. But, I'm not creative. Until I had a moment in church this Sunday. A lady came up to me and said, "Is that the skirt you were working on this week? Dany told me about it." I said yes, and my friend behind me goes "Well aren't you just a Molly Mormon!" and I said "WHAT??? NO ONE has ever called me that before!" She said, "Well, you make homemade bread and you sew." Here's the real scoop: I do make homemade bread in a bread machine for our sacrament bread almost every Sunday. I hate the taste of stale white bread. Ryan is in charge of bringing it, so that means I bring it. And as for the sewing, I try. I like it. Now, I don't know many Molly Mormons myself, and I am still undecided if that is a compliment or not. If that's who I've turned into, I guess that's okay. It struck me as really funny though, comical even, that someone called me a Molly Mormon.


  1. Very cute new title for your blog. How funny is that, I am making a Pork Roast Today? I am torn between pulled pork sandwiches or throw in carrot, potatoes, and onion. Sandwiches require going to the store so I think I will just do Rice-A-Roni, and be like you! Kacy's skirt is absolutely adorable. I wish I had the desire to sew. Maybe, if I had a girl. You can't make what Walmart charges for shirts and shorts for boys, it is too cheap. Plus, my mom buys their nicer stuff. I need a girl....but that is another story.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I'm reading your blog all the time now. Now that I'm commenting I guess that takes me out of the shadows and the lurker status. I love the new name and your postings really inspire me to improve on my "mollyness". Love the skirt too. Very cute!

  3. It's Liz, Kendra and Michael's cousin, and I saw your blog ony Kendras and am too nosey not to look now that I know your name and not just "oh that's Kendra's sister". Anyway I love your skirts! Who would've thought you'd have a cute mistake :)