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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

fun at the fish hatchery

The fish hatchery in Kernville. It was fun!
Inside a building where they actually hatch the fish, Kacy found a dead one. She said "Hey mom, why is this one over here dead?" Our guide, Greg, seemed a little mortified that little kids saw a half eaten dead fish, but no one really cared. It's the food chain, right? He explained that a racoon probably caught it outside and brought it in.
Story time on the blanket. The arrows are pointing to our kids. Notice that Will is actually looking at the book and seems to be paying attention. He soon got up and started to wander around.
Ah, Ed. He had a gingersnap in each hand and one in his mouth. Ed loves playgroup in an "almost one year old" kind of way- he watched the kids, grunted at the fish, and by far his favorite thing was the snacks. A true Bunting. We go for the food.


  1. Spencer loves the picture of the dead fish. He keeps asking to see it. :)

  2. i guess they didnt tell you it was larry the janitor that ate that fish