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Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Kacy

Happy Birthday Kacy! A spotlight on Kacy: Says her favorite food is popcorn, but everytime we have it she eats like 5 pieces... so she just changed her mind and says it's meat or a salami sandwich. Favorite color is pink. Her favorite thing to do is help wash the dishes (yea for mom!). Favorite TV show The Goodnight Show (PBS). She says she loves to ride her tricycle. It's good to be four!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kacy!!!! You are so beautiful and awesome. Pink is my favorite color too. I will see you Sunday for your birthday party. Can't wait to tickle you.

  2. Happy Birthday Kacy!
    From Your Cool Cousins

  3. Happy Birthday Kacy! We love you lots!

    Can't wait to see you ride your new bike.