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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

"No, mom!"

"No, mom! I want red one!" cries Will, tears leaking from his eyes.
"The red shirt is dirty. You can't wear a dirty shirt." replies mom, trying not to laugh. (Grabs camera real fast and snaps a picture...)
"Blue one then. I want blue one. No airplane!" insists Will.
Mom changes Will's shirt to a plain navy blue polo shirt that he thinks is okay. All is well.
Will HATES shirts with stuff on them. He tolerates his Thomas shirt because Thomas the Tank is engine is cool, but as for random graphics, he hates them. He is also VERY resistent to change. He likes things the way they are, and buying new clothes for the boy and getting him to wear them is a challenge.(This goes for new foods, new sheets on the bed, new shoes, a new spot in the car...) We had to convince him his new Vans were cool because they were black like Dad's Vans. Had to convince him his plaid button up shirt was okay because it was like Dad's. Unless it is absolutely a solid color, he has problems with it. I'm surprised he didn't notice the shorts he's wearing, I think he was too horrified with the shirt.


  1. That totally sounds like my Jacob. It is scary that at such a young age they are so opinionated.

  2. Tell Willard Big Grandma doesn't like change either. He looks so sad

  3. the boy is right. that shirt looks ridiculous.

  4. I think Will and David are in agreement about the new clothes thing. What is it with guys?