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Friday, May 4, 2007

a new attempt

Here is another sewing attempt by me. I got this brilliant idea off of ebay. (Ladies more talented than I sell sets like this starting at $30- I love the idea and plan on doing some capris for her as well). I used some material I found at the cheap fabric store in Bako. Those are tulips- that part was my idea, and yes, they are freeform. Note, I am not an artist. The stems are made from ribbon I had. It was too wide so I folded it in half, which makes it a little too stiff. I still need to hem it before church on Sunday. The most important thing is that Kacy LOVES it. That's what counts, right? I am going to do it again with different fabrics, a shirt that isn't old and nasty (those tulips are covering up a chocolate stain and a hole...) and the shirt is a little small. Everytime I sew I learn something new. That's good I guess. (Anyone who sews knows that learning from your mistakes is not what you want to be doing when trying to make an outfit/project.)


  1. I LOVE IT!!! You are doing a great job keep it up!

  2. Kacy is such a lucky girl to have such a great mommy! So cute Karrie! :)

  3. Hey that's one cute kid and the dress ain't bad either. Keep up the good work.

  4. Karrie you are so creative!
    Kacy IS a lucky girl.

  5. Adorable...way better than I could ever do.. Can't wait to see your next project!