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Monday, May 7, 2007

The three things challenge!

Here you go, things about me, inspired by cousin Amanda. You are next if you haven't done this this yet, right? RIGHT?

3 things I'm afraid of: 1) tarantulas 2) losing Will or Will getting hit by a car in the parking lot 3) making waves (as in causing trouble, fights, arguements, tension)

3 Things that Make Me Laugh: 1) Sheen from "jimmy nuetron" 2) my kids laughing at me 3) myself

3 Things I Love: 1) my family, duh! 2) microwaves 3) my super duper van

3 Things I Hate: 1) clothes shopping for myself 2) pickles 3) when people won't try new things and make excuses (hellooo? everyone gets nervous, get over it already!)

3 Things I Don’t Understand: 1) why kids can't be born potty trained. 2) economics 3) why teletubbies and boo-bahs exist (my kids are not allowed to watch them- they scare me!)

3 Things On My Desk: pillows and blankets- I don't have a desk. Just a laptop on my bed.

3 Things I’m Doing Right Now: 1)Eating Cheetos 2) Watching "Fairly Oddparents" 3) Thinking of what to sew for Kacy next

3 Things I Want To Do Before I Die: 1) See my kids have families of their own. 2) learn patience 3) be really organized

3 Things I Can Do: 1)lose socks 2)convince myself I'm sporty (I am, I am, I am!) 3) try new things with out being afraid

3 Things I Can’t Do: 1)Play the piano in front of people 2)keep my kids reasonably clean at all times 3)pass up ice cream

3 Things I Think You Should Listen To: 1) Your parents. 2) kids (lots of insight) 3) complete silence

3 Things You Should Never Listen To: 1) Music with bad words or synthesized instruments.(amen Joceybee!) 2) that inner voice that says you are no good at _______(fill it in) 3) newspapers, news people, and stock anaylists.

3 Things I’d Like To Learn: 1)How to sew really well 2) Scripture stories, where they are, and be able to quote them 3)How to keep my mouth shut more often.

3 Favorite Foods: 1) peanut butter 2) cheeseburgers 3) dark chocolate

3 Shows I Watched As A Kid: 1) smurfs 2) justice league 3) Cosby Show

3 Things I Regret: 1) Being embarrassed of my religion/afraid to share my beliefs with others 2) caring too much what others think. 3) dressing immodestly when I was younger

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  1. thanks for taking the time. Ireally enjoyed it. Now lets get cousin Ryan to take the challenge.