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Saturday, June 9, 2007

on being... ONE

A lot of people ask me if any of my other kids were as big as Ed is. (He's not huge, just a little... big). I always say "I think Kacy was, but Will was more normal sized". I looked up the facts in the baby books, and here's the scoop. At 12 months old, Kacy was 30 inches, 23 pounds. Will was 31.5 inches, 24.7 pounds. Ed is 32 inches, and 25.1 pounds. SOOOO, I was wrong about Will and Kacy! None of them have been petite, but Ed isn't the monster baby after all. AND a lot of people think he looks like Will, but I'm not too sure. Maybe it's the short hair. (Poor Kacy didn't have hair when she was one... both the boys had/have WAY more.)


  1. So true, all children are different, but it is so hard to not compare and wonder if they are developing like their older siblings. Cute picture, was that a digital page?

  2. All cute, and just the right size.

    I'll have to get out the book and see if I have Ryan's stats at age one. I know he was over 20 pounds at six months.