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Saturday, June 2, 2007

some things I've seen the past few days

-a dead snake under my tire in the church parking lot (put there by the young men)
-REAL cowboys- the were rounding up cattle and branding them
-a crow flying over the road with a rabbit in it's clutches
-an old bomber style airplane with props (4 or 6?) flying a few hundred feet over my road (it was forest green) BTW- jets follow our road all the time- practicing going around the points of the mountains and through the valleys- it is very cool. This is the first time I saw a slow humongous plane do it.
-a guy I went to elementary school with and haven't seen since 1991 (the year I graduated Jr. High) who is now my sister's neighbor
-Will acting like a gorilla when he thought no one was looking, beating his chest and doing a weird little dance

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