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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What we're doing this week

Here are a few things I've heard this week:

From Kacy: "But mom, how does it get out of your head?" (After talking about dying and trying to explain that we have bodies and spirits and our spirits go to live with Heavenly Father while our bodies stay in the ground after we die. Kacy had brought up our dogs Hank and Willie, who died last year, and said she was waiting for them to come back. Hence, the next part of our convo. I told her to ask her dad.)

From Will: "Hey mom, where are we going? We going to church?" (Not funny in itself, except that it was this morning, and he asked me because I was trying to fix his hair. Apparently he noticed that I only care what his hair looks like on Sunday mornings.)

From Ed: "Hoooonnnn-daaaaaa!" after I went to the door to call the dog. That is one of his three words.

I'm sure Ryan said something funny too, but I was too distracted by what Ryan did that was fuuny. Poor Ryan has hdd a really hard week. Hot weather and summer vacation bring out the crazies up here. A fire, a bandit, and crazy campers...

Me- I'm always funny. Just ask me, I'll tell you. (You know that's a joke *hee hee* if you truly know me.)