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Monday, June 18, 2007

Who needs Disneyland?

We had to take Ryan to pick up his truck this morning, and I told the kids we'd have donuts for breakfast since we were out. Will asked for donuts and soda, but I told him no. We went into town and visited our new favorite place, the donut shop. We had never been there before. When we were getting out of the car, Kacy said "Mom! This is going to be so exciting!" We went in, picked out a donut ( Kacy picked a pink one, Will got a white one, and Ed had donut holes) got some juice, and ate them inside. It was awesome! We ate donuts, we watched people coming in and out of the store, the kids were exceptionally well behaved. They asked when we can go again. All for under $7.00!

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  1. "Come on kids lets go to Smiths!" Im on board...maybe friday :)