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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Today I made...

That is supposed to say "WOOL" hair clip, but that's what you get when you are in a hurry...

This is what I did today, along with a couple of dresses that are half done. With the scraps, I gussied up this onesie and attempted my first hair clip. I tried the clip on Kacy and it is really cute on the head. Looks a little funny laying there all lonely, with no hair to complement. I didn't have a girl model in the house that would fit this size 2t, and Ed would look funny... Now, do I try to sell it, or give it to someone I have in mind at church?


  1. You're killing me. This is adorable! If I had a girl, her bum would so be in this one. It's never a bad marketing idea to give merchandise as "product placement". Just make sure you give it with business cards :)

  2. My grandma used to have tags that she put in her homemade stuff for us, she had them made up somewhere then instead of the Hanes tag it had one that said "made with love by Grandma" maybe you should get some, works better than a business card cause they won't lose it :)