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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Two posts in one

Good bye old friends- I fear it is time to says good bye to my favorite, favorite shoes in the whole wide world. I bought them in early spring of 2001. Now, summer of 2007, I have to think about throwing them away. Not only are they ragged, they are no longer wearable. I think I'll keep them in my shoe cubby for a few more months before I throw them away... (I tried to replace them but they don't make this style anymore...)
Dem bones... Honda is an archaeologist. He goes exploring every morning and these are the treasures he has brought home the last few days. The leg bone is really big, still has some juicy stuff on it, and weighs a lot. The jaw bone is missing some teeth, any one care to wager a guess as to the species of this animal? To be fair, Ryan says the bones don't go to the same animal. I have my guesses...


  1. I've heard about jackelopes running rampant in those parts

  2. Those shoes are pretty sad :(
    The bones would freak me out! Especially beacuse there are probably other preditors out there wanting what Honda got...yikes! My guess is Cow and Coyote.

  3. Wow it's the end of an era!!! I don't think I will recognize your feet in different shoes :) My guess is cow and coyote too :)

  4. I used to have the same shoes and I also loved them. I think I bought mine around the same time, in 2000 or 2001, but I got rid of mine about 3 years ago. It's also sad when you are forced to get rid of something like that.