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Monday, August 27, 2007

Confessions of a tired, crazy pregnant lady

I SHOULD be posting a picture of the wonderful work Ryan did with digging the footings, but I have yet to take a picture. Maybe I'll do THAT tomorrow morning.

Yesterday was Will's birthday. He turned three! To see pictures, I'm sure my MIL has some on her blog, or will shortly- see my list of buddies and click on cherie and david. If she doesn't have anything, she's very busy right now!

Today a few things happened that I want to document for posterity. Nothing really important.

I went to my favorite restaurant with my friend and visiting teacher (and the kids). This little Mexican restaurant is very good in my opinion, and I get one of two dishes. Today I got my favorite carne asada tacos with onion and lime juice. I enjoy this monthly lunch date. Jenny is a good friend with a lot of common sense. I enjoy her family, too- her brother and sisters and parents are in the ward. I sat by the women at our Relief Society luncheon on Saturday and had a lot of fun. The hi-lite of the luncheon was tasting the chicken salad, which was a perfect combination of ingredients. Some chicken salads are heavy on one thing or another, but this one was just right to me. Look forward to the recipe.

Today I exercised. I have a great set of DVD's that got me in great shape after I had Kacy. You don't have to shake your bootie or be talented in anyway- it's a no nonsense kind of workout. I was having this odd mental conversation with myself while doing it, and thought it was worth recording. I could always use a good laugh, especially when it's at myself.
1- should I even workout? Expanding waistline and butt scream yes! My brain says no. My throat says no (I think I might be sick- I feel fine, except for my throat which kills me every time I swallow. Wondering if I should go to the Dr. Probably wait.) I do end up exercising.
2- get thru stretches- no problems. I'm a little stiff.
3- Power Yoga- Don't do upward dog, need to see if plank and downward dog are preggo safe. I know just enough about yoga to know that some poses are not recommended for preggo ladies. Can't remember which ones though...
4- marchy leg lifty type things for lower impact, warm up. Used to hop thru it, today did low impact version. Still got tired.
5- high impact section- jumping jacks. I do ONE. Opt to do a jig instead. Do running in pace okay (does shuffling count?) and the run/lunge exercise. (like pretending you are on a climber. Kinda fun)
6-Take break with DVD- love those built in water breaks. Notice foul smell from kitchen and decide to locate asap. Pause DVD and recover a decomposing mouse in forgotten mouse trap. Remove trap to outside and resume DVD.
7-Kickboxing section- love kicking and punching, again choosing low impact versions. Contemplate future career as boxer. Remember I don't like pain or scars on my face, and my IQ has already dropped from having kids. Reconsider future career.
8-Finish DVD still standing. Managed to narrowly avoid kicking both Kacy and Ed in the head. Finish thinking I am really out of shape.

There is a thought that you start showing earlier in subsequent pregnancies because your body "remembers" what to do, including your belly muscles. IF this is a true phenomenon, WHY can't my muscles remember being 17 years old?


  1. At least you DID workout, and I laughed so hard about your thoughts because I do the same thing. I have wondered why my stomach remembers being pregnant but not being 16 and having a six pack, whats with that?????

  2. okay...so im still totally shocked when I read "pregnant woman" and think...WHO? :) Karrie you go girl with those excersizes...I have the "walk away the pounds" dvd if ya wanna try them.