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Monday, August 20, 2007

shopping in hand me downs

Yesterday Jocelyn provided me the opportunity to go through a bunch of hand me downs for boys. I love hand me downs- I happen to have the "bestest" shopping friend ever who gives me all her old jeans- and they are NICE! Back to the kids- Will was the only one of my kids the clothes would fit. Kacy might be able to wear some of the jeans. I let Will pick out the shirts he liked. It was classic Will. (As I posted earlier this year, Will hates graphics on his shirts and cries when I put them on him.) We went through all the shirts, and it went like this:
Me holding red/blue stripe: "No mom, already have one" (he does, similar)
Me holding yellow/blue stripe: "no mom, it's yellow" (hates yellow)
Me and Jocelyn holding various Mickey Mouse shirts: "no mom, those are Ed's"
Me holding plain red tee and plain blue tee: "that's cool"

We were cracking up. He was true to form, and his favorite outfit is jeans and a plain red tee shirt. He still makes an exception for his Thomas shirt though. He'll be three this Sunday!

Two interesting (to me) bits of conversation I had yesterday: Jocelyn and I were talking about the parking situations at the IKEA stores, and Will says to his dinner plate : "Parking lots? What parking lots?" You had to be there. Then when we left I called my mom and asked if we could have a family party for Will next Tuesday at her house. When I hung up, Kacy asked who I was talking to, and I said "Your grandma Sorensen." Kacy: "You mean your mom?" Me:"yes, your grandma" and she said "But you are too big for a mom" I told her everyone has a mom and that when she gets older she'll move out of our house and be married and I'll still be her mom. She got teary eyed (she was very tired...) and said, "But mom, I don't want to move out! I'll miss you!" It's cute and heartwarming when a four year old says that. We may have to have a chat when she's 30 though.


  1. That is so sweet, about Kacy...I hope my boys will feel that way...then again maybe not! They grow up so fast...hand-me-downs are great...Jacob had a growth spurt this month, and all of his T-Shirts are too short! I will need to go to storage and go through the hand-me-downs from my sister. Trevor is outgrowing Jacob's hand-me-downs so fast that he is in the wrong season! ie: winter clothes for summer?!?! I pulled out the 18-24 clothes and they are all fall/winter stuff...I broke down and bought a few things at Walmart last month and he is already outgrowing those outfits...

  2. I think it's so great you and Jocelyn are so close. It really makes me wish we lived closer to family.