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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

What I did today...

I am taking a cue from Jocelyn and writing about my normal day. She reminded me that she uses her blog as a journal, and she's going to print all the posts as a book. That is why I started a blog, too; I wanted an easier way to journal. But then I got caught up in the fact that other people read what I write and I started not to write because I was boring. Am boring. Whatever. So, I am going to post more often, probably without pictures sometimes, so that I get back to the journaling part. So if I bore you, TOO BAD!!! My kids might find this interesting one day.

Today I took all three kids to the clinic up here to get Kacy and Will tested for TB. An hour after we got there we finally got in. Ed was the worst behaved. Poor guy, he is 14 months old and wants to RUN around and explore. He can't do that in a medical clinic. He was also very tired, and let everyone know about it by being very fussy. When we got to our room the kids got their tests right away. The nurse asked who was going to go first, and Kacy said "Will!" He went first, cried, and had to be held down by myself and a nurse. Then Kacy went, held her pink bear, and bravely laid there while being poked in the arm. She didn't cry. When we got to the car I asked Will why he cried and he said "I no cry mom."
"Yes you did. Did it hurt?" I asked him.
"No, it no hurt. I no cry."
"Yes you did Will, I saw you" chimed in Kacy.
"Nope." insisted Will.

That's his story and he won't change his mind.
After the awful clinic mess we went to the Pizza Barn for the all you can eat buffet. My kids are restaurant trained and the last two times we have gone somewhere they have been extremely well behaved and even helpful! I have walked out of both places thinking "what happened to my kids?" Oh yes- the whole reason for the TB tests is because the two are going to start preschool. Three hours a day, five days a week. WHAT am I going to do with the time? Kacy wants to start school so badly, and Will needs it because he is a little immature and could use someone else giving him instructions. He is the boy who in his nursery class at church had a lesson on being obedient, and when they played "stop and go" he stopped when he was supposed to go and went when he was supposed to stop. This from the boy who tells me to go when the lights turn green. He thinks it's funny. I heard him counting to 30 today (from 20, he doesn't know his teens, I think) and I thought "Is that Will?" He is my silently smart kid. Kacy likes praise, Will doesn't really care what you think.


  1. So does this mean you're in!! That is so exciting. We are waiting until monday to see if Spencer can get into the low income preschool attached to Nathans school. Yay free time for Karrie!

  2. Congrats on having some free time! Wish I could get some of that!

  3. I love Blogs on everyday stuff. It's the "big" stuff that usually gets filtered through the family. The "little" stuff is the most fun, personal glimpses into the lives of the people we love, keep them coming! :)