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Thursday, August 30, 2007

you know you hang around law enforcement when

Conversation on the way home I had with Kacy today:

Kacy: "Mom, see that white truck up there?"
Me: "Yes."
Kacy: "They are bad. Bad drivers."
Me: "Why?"
Kacy: Because they crossed over that line. They must be drinking."


  1. Tell Kacy and the gang that Uncle Dandy said high. I haven't see you guys for a while. I hope she doesn't see me cross over the line, I have a tendancy to drive over that line once and a whlle. My kids call it driving by braile.

  2. OK Kacy is a CHP in training. And Karrie, you have told my your two goals in driving...
    1. stay in your own lane (she is learning from you)
    2. don't run into anybody!!