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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Running with the bulls, and more

The bulls!
The kites and the kids!
This is a picture of mt nephew Jared I took at Ed's birthday and then Photoshopped. I think it looks neat. Had to post it finally before the gets too old.

This week in words: Monday we found a nasty looking SCORPIAN under a sheet of plywood- great wildife lesson for the kids. ("DON'T TOUCH IT!") Tuesday while we were all outside in the evening, 2 BULLS came wondering into our cleared part of the property. This scared the kids even more than the scorpian. After watching us for a few minutes, they continued on their way. Another Wildlife lesson: We live in open range. Watch for bovine. Wednesday we went to church at night and the kids (not our kids, the teens at church) played dodgeball. If I wasn't pregnant, I would've played, it looks like fun! I also cleaned out my car, which took FOREVER! Today I am scanning OLD pictures and photoshopping them as best as I can (does anyone know how to remove stains from a picture? I've tried a few things, but I just think there is an easy button for that that I don't know about.) and I am still in process of cleaning out clothes. We don't have a lot of room (think one dresser drawer per kid, and two for me because my clothes are bigger.) We have learned to not have too many clothes... and now that the seasons are changing, we need to pack up summer and get ready for winter. Totally random post, eh?


  1. I know I'm bias but, holy cow Jared is cute. :) I love the wandering bulls...and your kids out in the middle of nowhere, with kites.

  2. Sounds like an interesting week. I love it when kids have new experiences. I bet they had fun with the kites. Did they get them up themselves?