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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Updated at last

By popular demand- an update to the ol' blog. The problem is, I am tired. I would love to post more, but I just don't seem to make the time. I nap instead. I don't sew anymore right now either. Ed is at a BAD age for touching everything, and the heat is awful. I cannot iron without turning off the AC and that is just unacceptable right now. Plus, I love my naps.

On the positive side, I have some pictures of the kids to post soon to appease the family. I have some fun facts about them, too. Kacy's new words for the last week are retirement, transportation, and now oxidation. Will loves to have "Little bunny Foo foo" sung to him, and tried a spinach leaf today. He spit it out, but he still tried it. Ed tries to sing his ABC's, he has the tune right, and I can hear the letters abcd, hij. All the rest sounds the same.

Update on the adults in the family: Ryan has been very busy doing everything he's supposed to be doing. Stuff keeps getting in the way of more progress on the house: Example- Saturday he worked extra late (read: by the time he gets home it's dark outside...) because a drunk guy lost a wheel in the canyon, kept driving causing lots of sparks, and caught the canyon on fire. NICE!
My update: I'm still pregnant, I think I'm 15 weeks along (what day is it???) and my normal pants are getting tight. I am thinking it's about time for maternity pants, or at least this cool new band thing they have so you just unbutton your pants and wear it over... should get those for Thanksgiving dinner gifts for the family. The way my belly is growing is weird, but being pregnant can be weird, too. That's just me. Oh- and today I had a really simple spinach salad for lunch, followed by countless double stuffed peanut butter oreos. Don't be jealous.


  1. mmm... double stuffed peanut butter cookies!! You can keep the spinich salad, I'm with Will :)

  2. Glad you updated, but I figured you were pretty tired...

  3. I heard a little bit of the ABC's today...SO CUTE! and now I've gotta go look for some peanut butter Oreos, they sound super yummy.