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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Why, oh Why?

These are my why's:

Why do the kids pick the one "Materism" from Cars that has the potential for disaster? "Holy shoot!" anyone? My kids new favorite word.

Why isn't my laundry getting as clean as it should be? My whites aren't white, and my kids clothes are always stained. Any laundry hints or tricks out there? Should I bug Ryan to fix the water heater so we have hot water for laundry? I bought some "bluing" for whites. I bought "Shout" spray.

Why does a pedicure and an eyebrow wax/shaping make me feel so much better? Oh, and real jeans. I did those things yesterday, and WOW! I felt almost like a girl again. I went shopping for jeans in my friend Amy's closet again, and I have two pairs of jeans that might get me through the winter. They are low rise, so I can wear them under my belly (which is getting quite obvious now) and if my butt doesn't get any bigger, I'll be super happy all winter. Yea! Now if I can just get Ryan to get our wagon out of storage, I can take walks while pulling the kids.

Bargain hair find: Those who know of Biosilk hair serum, it is awesome stuff. I found a cheaper version that works just as well: Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine anti-frizz serum. I found it at Rite-Aid on sale for 4.99. Biosilk is like $20.00. It works!

Last side note- went to the Dr. yesterday and everything is fine. It was a 5 minute appt. where they measure your belly and find the heartbeat. The heatbeat finder thingie was so quiet I could barely hear it. This cracks me up- the look the nurse had on her face, I've seen it on the Dr.'s face too: they look at you like you should jump up and down or cry at the wonder of it all. I'm just always relieved. But, not being very sentimental, I pretend to be thrilled. "Oh yea, I can hear it, that's really neat! Wow." When I'm thinking "Whew. There's a heartbeat still. Let's go." I am much more interested in the ultrasound and the end product.


  1. This does not have anything to do with your post... I posted a comment to your post on my mine thanking you for telling me it's okay to do what I already knew was right in the first place. Anyway, we came up with a plan that works for us and the "ask, tell, make" mantra is the cornerstone. Husband didn't think it was a good idea when I scratched James today for scratching his brother so I guess that's a no go (even though I'm sure it works!) I have decided that for every time they hurt each other, they will be spanked. I just hope I'm not too late to nip this in the bud... they're only 3 and 1.5 so I'm sure I'm starting in the nick of time. Anyway, I'm already singing your praises... I called my Mom and told her all about your advice already.

  2. The Yellow wagon is in the sea-train out back. David