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Friday, October 12, 2007

candy detox

Candy detox is hard! I think I OD'd on Reece's Pieces and those yummy Halloween pumpkins (you know- the ones that are like candy corn) earlier this week. Winco had both in the bulk food section, and it was the first time I bought any junk food in the bulk section. It will also be the last time. I had to have some Coco Puffs the first day to tide me over, but other than that, I've been candy free for almost three days. It's killing me. I want Reece's Pieces!


  1. Karrie!!! Hey girl, how are you. I found your site through Eliza's and I have been lurking for a while (hope you don't mind!!)
    Good luck with the candy. I really need to give up the sweets. My kids are starting to ask for things by name (not type) and they are only 4 and 1!! Remember, I am rooting for you.
    Tamra (Wagner) Woolsey

  2. Hi Karrie, you can do it. We haven't had candy, cake, pie, ice cream, etc. all year. But we do cheat and get sweet drinks from Starbucks sometimes.
    John & Becky