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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

fire station, kindergarten, and online groceries

Today for playgroup we visited county fire station 76 in Kernville. We got to see where they slept, ate, and of course we saw the truck and the kids got to use the fire hose. Both Kacy and Will did it- I was surprised Will did it. He got in line, and went when it was his turn. I also noticed that he was interacting with the boys in the group. Most of the boys are 5 years old, and Will (in my opinion) is a bit delayed in his social development. Very shy, still doing the 2 year old play (I forget what that's called at the moment. There is an official fancy word for when toddlers and two's play "together" side by side, but don't play "TOGETHER". You've seen it- kids might play with trains near each other, but they are not interacting.) ANYWAY- Will is a pro at this kind of play, and he never joins in when it's story time. Today he was running around with the boys and talking to them. He squirted the hose with the fireman. It was encouraging for me- I've often worried about him in nursery and for Kindergarten. He's very sensitive and stubborn. Poor Kacy has only one girl to play with- most of the playgroup is boys. Both kids are very into gender identity right now.

Will is upset that he can't go to Kindergarten next year with Kacy because he wants to go to Aunt Kendra's house and play too! (Get it? Kacy says "Kendra-garden". "No Will, you can't go to Kendra-garden until you are 5!" Will: "Yes, me too mom! I want to go to Aunt Kendra's house and play with Benjamin and Jack!" (crying, of course)

Amazon sells groceries online. This I found out after spending time in the car thinking "I HATE grocery shopping. I NEED to go today. The kids are tired and hungry and they will be a big PAIN right now. I HOPE we have food at home." Then, while warming up soup for lunch, I saw a commercial of a loaded shopping cart driving itself to a house. I stop and stare, mouth agape. I look up amazon groceries right away. (As fast as I can with dial-up in the boonies, which is slower than dial-up in the city.) What a great idea, free shipping options... fairly reasonable prices, especially if you consider the mental toll of taking kids shopping. TOO BAD they sell some weird stuff and all of it is in large quantities. I simply do not have the space for 6 boxes of Lucky Charms. I looked up angel hair pasta just for fun, and they don't sell regular ol' white flour pasta. It's all organic or egg free or whole wheat. I don't do organic because it is more expensive and I love to eat pesticides (so tasty... LOL) and egg free might be okay, except expense, and whole wheat is so healthy, I'm sure, but not for our family. I may continue looking into online grocery shopping. I live far enough away from any store a little shipping or not getting the best price would be a great trade for getting all my non-perishables without the kids.


  1. You are so funny Karrie. We love pesticides too. Eric is afraid to eat anything organic because he's quite sure the money is somehow being funnelled to Al Gore and his looneys or something. You start eating orgainic and it's a slippery slope to hairy armpits and Birkenstocks.

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm so distracted now after reading Emily's comment. That was funny! Let me know if you find a good online grocery store:)

  3. Ok Karrie, this is my question to the no egg pasta and such... if there is less ingrediants in it then why is it more expensive. The same with organic, if they save the money and let the bugs walk on my food and poop in it's dirt, then why can't I pay less for it instead of more?

  4. edit to my post- the "fancy word" for the play style I was talking about is called parallel play. I share the same opinion as Emily White about organic foods- bff in college had to take MANY chem classes and plant classes and plant chem classes and came to the conclusion pesticides are great. I trust her. Plus, I don't like bugs in my food!