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Friday, November 30, 2007

All better!

I'm ecstatic to announce that no one in my house (TRAILER) is sick right now! Everyone is eating breakfast, singing (not me, although I may dance a jig of happiness later), and being nice. No one ate dinner last night, and everyone went to bed early. That sounds nice until YOU are one of them... I'm just glad we all feel better. It's raining today and a sandy mess everywhere, so it looks like we'll stay inside. Ryan is supposed to have the YM/Scouts over for a camp out on our property. The good thing about the rain is that it was 44 degrees when we woke up, instead of 27 like last week. So those boys are either going to freeze or be soaking wet.


  1. Oh man Karrie...I am so sorry! At least its all out of everyones system and it won't stretch out for a week or two :)

  2. I'm glad everyone is feeling better. Ryan came Wednesday and has called saying he is coming to get the potties today for the YM activity. I hope the weather holds out. I was surprised it rained. The weather report last night said rain would be south of us. Is Will going "participate?" with the YM?