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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cartoons and Christmas

What our kids look like while watching cartoons. I call this a cartoon induced coma, and sometimes I am grateful for it. When it is cold in the mornings, they like to all sit together to keep warm. Kacy still sucks on her fingers and twirls a string on her blanket while watching TV. I wonder when this habit will end? I went through and programmed lots of Christmas cartoons to record for my kids. I love them. (The cartoons and the kids).

Christmas is fast approaching and that means my normally stressed personality will be positively mental until it's all over. I have to figure out what to get everyone, whether or not I should attempt a Christmas Card (and then, with or without a picture of the kids?), how much to spend on everyone, how crafty I want to get (found out that crafty doesn't always mean less expensive...) and then, where to store the gifts once they are here. Ryan thinks we need a tree this year (first time in seven years...) and our rule is it has to fit on the TV. On the plus side, December should fly right by, and then after that will be January, and when you are pregnant, any month that goes by fast is a great month. I look forward to meeting the baby who makes me sick with movement. I look forward to trying to get thin again. I hate maternity clothes. HATE THEM. And since this one is our last one, I semi-refuse to buy anything. But I might have to. I'm thinking a really decent pair of jeans that I can also wear for a couple months afterwards would be great. Biggest problem is that I am between sizes- Mediums are tight on my hips, and a large is just too big. Oh well, by the counter on the bottom of my blog, I have about 15 weeks left. Maybe I'll last.


  1. Karrie, I enjoy reading your blog because it's not just a travelogue like mine sometimes. It's fun to get to know you a little bit through what you write. It was great to see you on Thanksgiving for a minute, Kacy was fun to talk to and seemed pretty excited about her new coming baby sister. I liked that picture of her sucking her fingers because that is exactly what I used to do (blanket twirling too). I think I did it until I was at least 6 but I'll have to ask my mom for sure.

  2. No Christmas tree for 7 years!!??! Maybe this is the year? Good luck with these last few months of your pregnancy. It'll go by fast with the holidays here. I know how you feel about those maternity clothes. I wanted to burn all mine after my last pregnancy.

  3. I enjoy your kids so much. they are so dang cute. Looking forward to number 4. Tell them Uncle Dandy said Howdy.