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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just an update...

Here is half of Ryan, all of Ed (standing in the footing that will support our fireplace), the backhoe, and the yellow thing is our septic tank. To us building Buntings, a septic tank is old news (Kacy and Will both know what it's for, what it's called, and how it works- poor things) but to those who have no idea where the waste water goes from their house- here is one example if you have septic. Ours is 1500 gallons. Yellow. Plastic. Double chambered. Kern County code says we need minimum of 1000, but we thought a little bigger with our growing family wouldn't hurt, and the prices have gone down since last year, so we paid the same price this year for a 1500 gallon as a 1000 gallon last year. The next thing "to do" on the house is still more digging- we have to dig and then put in the wiring and phone and water. Ryan can't wait until the house starts going UP instead of digging down.
Meet Lucy- we adopted a 9 month old labrador from a family who is moving to Kentucky and can't take her. She is a nice dog- we've had her for almost a full week now and today is her first day being let out all day, unsupervised. She accepted us right away, which makes us a litttle nervous that if any ol' person said "Come here puppy" in a nice voice she'd just go. So we keep a close eye on her for now. She isn't allowed in the house (TRAILER) because she is just so big. We keep her in a kennel at night and when we are gone, and she seems to enjoy life. She's good on a leash, and taking her for walks gets some of her energy out. She excellent with the kids, and has a lot of potential to become a really great dog.


  1. Cute dog...Jacob says we need to get another one, but I am still missing my KatieGirl. We will see, I have standards for dogs, really only one--it cannot shed, because I like them to be inside and outside. Eric really wants to get a bigger dog this time we are looking at a labradoodle or goldendoodle, but I still like the small dogs!

    Yeah for the septic tank!! Looks like progress is being made. Hope your feeling good these days, enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  2. Nathalie told me you had blogged about Lucy, so I had to check it out. She looks just like her dad in that picture. I'm so glad she's with your family and has lot's of little ones to play with.