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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Puking, Pizza, and Speech

What is worse than waking up to have one of your kids vomiting in their bed? Having to tell the other two that the playgroup they have looking forward to is a no-go because of the puking child. Today's playgroup was at our all time favorite pizza place, The Pizza Barn, located in Kernville. The owner goes to playgroup and scheduled a tour and make your pizza day. I was looking forward to it! But this morning, Ed woke up sick. It's the kind of sick where he thinks he hungry, but 20 minutes in the middle of playing, it is all over the place. It's not been terrible, because he seems to feel fine. He cried for pizza (our lunch today) and I gave him a piece. He fell asleep in his chair while eating. Poor boy- I hope he feels better, and I also hope that if anyone else feels the need to get sick they do it soon so we can get it over with.

Today's lunch was pizza. I make a wicked whole wheat pizza crust- it doesn't take that long to make, you just have to give yourself the rising time. No last minute pizza making. The kids love salami and olives and lots of cheese. I make myself a different pizza. I use BBQ sauce instead of pizza sauce, a little bit of cheese, cooked chicken, and grilled onions. I have put olives on it, and pineapple, too. It's my new favorite, and I think it's fairly healthy because of the small amount of cheese I use. The closest pizza to us is at least 25 minutes away, so we do homemade.

One more thing for today, I have 90% decided to get Will tested for his speech/language after the first of the year. He'll be 3 1/2 at the end of Feb. (Wait a minute... that's when Jessie will be here... how am I going to work that out? I'll have to think about that.) Today he was trying to tell me something that he was really excited about (pretending with a helicopter made with 2 blocks of wood...) and he just couldn't find the words and said "mommy, mommy... uh uh mommy" A LOT. I have gone back and forth with him and speech because he has improved, but I am his mom and have learned to understand him. Others have a hard time. And, I'm not a speech expert, and I am not sure if there is an actual speech problem or if it's a language problem. (Two different things...) It's just so hard to tell, and since the county tests for free, I might as well rule anything out, or get him the help he needs. It might solve some of his crying problems too if he can express himself better. One thing I am working on is having him use a flannel board and stories to tell the stories- that seems like it should be helpful. Kacy talks over him a lot, and for him- ah, enough rambling.

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  1. First off I want your pizza dough recipe. I love to make homemade pizza but we normally just use the crust in a can. Second I totally agree that you should get him tested and started on any therapy he might need. I say do it asap I have had Morgan in physical therapy through ECI (early childhood intervention) and it has helped soooo much. They showed me little things I can do at home to help her and boy did it work. You will have to let us know how it all goes. Good luck!!