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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Short and NOT sweet

An update on the puking- it got worse. I cursed myself when I told my friend in an email "As long as no one pukes in the middle of the night..." I hate that. Kacy started yesterday at 4pm, I started at 8pm, and Will started at midnight. The positive thing is that they both were able to puke in a trash can 90% of the time. The negative side is that I think I got it the worst (fat pregnant doesn't help, I'm sure) and now I'm still in charge of the kids, even though I was up all night helping the puking kids and heaving myself. Fevers. Dry heaves because nothing would stay down. Lucky for me (SARCASM) I inherited my Dad's puking behavior- Kendra knows- it's violent. Now I'm sore. The kids seems great. A little TOO great for my liking. This will pass soon.

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