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Monday, December 10, 2007

Family Home Evening

Today we had our first real Family Home Evening. We had it this morning, because of Ryan's work schedule. For those of you not familiar with FHE, our church leaders encourage us to meet together as families once a week and have family time. We meet together all the time, because our kids are to little to be anywhere else. We had a lesson on the nativity and the meaning of the star for Christmas. I have to journal this because I don't want to ever forget that Will said the opening prayer with help, Kacy paid attention and looked at the pictures of the nativity, while Ed ate a Kleenex. Really. Will paid attention half the time, but after my little five minute "lesson" all was lost with the boys as Will started to do his monkey dance and I cleaned the Kleenex out of Ed's mouth. Ed did say "Star, star!" when I showed him my yellow construction paper star. After that Kacy and I sang a Christmas song, and then Ryan and Kacy and Will made a star for the top of our tree out of paper. Ryan made a perfectly symmetrical star freehand, which makes me jealous. He and Kacy decided it needed a happy face though.


  1. So cute, I am on my own tonight. Eric has a migraine and went to bed at 5:00pm. It is hard when they are little, but the point is to establish the habit!

  2. You have such a cute family. I've seen your blog a couple of times and have to admit to being a lurker. Now I have my own so I know how fun it is to get comments! Congrats on your FHE. It's more than we get sometimes.

    Syndy Clark

  3. Sounds so fun! Wish I had been there to see and hear it.

  4. Very cute, I'm still laughing about ED eating Kleenex, so gross.