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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Happy to report that almost all my shopping is done. I have five more people to think of, and of course they are the hardest, which is why I left them for last. I love online shopping-the cost of shipping is worth it to me as a great trade off for not having to drive to Bakersfield (I estimate is costs about $35.oo for a round trip), driving around Bakersfield (I HATE traffic), and taking the kids shopping. Ann, our UPS lady will drop off our packages and voila- done! It makes me happy. The HARDEST person to buy for is Ryan. What he wants, he gets for himself. I have a few ideas, so I think I'll tell him to not buy anything for himself without checking with me first. He bought me a new digital camera that I ordered yesterday. (I shopped for him...) I'm excited to have a smaller camera. We have a digital SLR, which is nice, but it takes it's own bag and two hands and a lens cap removal- my hands are tied up with kids, and my bag is stuffed already with diapers. My MIL and SIL have the same camera, and they love it, and the reviews were good.

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