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Monday, December 3, 2007

Not Twitching

I am happy to announce that I am NOT TWITCHING! I always tease Ryan that the kids are going to give me mental problems where I develop a twitch of some kind. Last week should have done it. But after going to church on Sunday, and then to the in-laws after, I feel much better. I had a great day at church-I went to Sunday School for the first time in months, Ed went to nursery (you have to be 18 mos. old before you can do that) and I didn't have to teach at all, so I had no responsibilities. It was refreshing. Then I went to the in-laws and visited with them, and that can be a double edged sword right now. 98% of the time it's great. The 2% is when my kids and my nephews run and scream the whole time and I end up with a headache. Good thing it's only 2%... (Before you start thinking "In-laws..."in that bad way, read on). Ryan works Sunday afternoons so I take the kids by myself, which is fine, but the coming home part is now starting to kill me. The kids fall asleep in the car on the way home, and as soon as I stop the car they start to wake up. They wake up just enough to cry and kick and scream (really- all three of them- like I'm torturing them) and I have to carry all three in because they are incoherent. With my belly getting bigger and the weather getting colder (29 when I got home last night!) I DREAD coming home. The trailer is freezing, the kids are crying, I'm huffing and puffing and tired- I'm thinking that our weekly Sunday visits are going to stop unless Ryan can go with me. We may have to start doing a weekday night visit when Ryan is off. This would make better use of our time also- we can run errands if we need to. I'm rambling again...

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  1. Continue going as long as you are able and willing, these are the times your children will remember the most! I know what you mean though, I hate driving by myself with the two boys, and I might be doing it tonight after dinner and such. Trevor is having another surgery in Bako, his PE tubes need replacing and they are removing his adenoids. Could be worse right??