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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tis the season

Will jumped in front of the kids I was trying to take a picture of.
Kacy got a new blanket that has long strings (her requirement so she can twirl them under her nose) and Uncle Oscar told her it was "too pink". This was her response.
A little thing we call JED- these two are funny in their own way. They are both growing up so quickly!

I am glad Christmas is over. I loved it this year-shopping online was the way to go for me, and I plan on doing the same next year. Maybe I'll get an earlier start, or put more thought into my gift giving. I have a hard time buying for men because everything they really want costs a fortune, and they probably bought it for themselves earlier in the month anyway. I was in the Christmas mood all month long, and I was relieved to see our little tree go into it's box by 9am on the 26th. It was time. NOW is my next favorite season- Tis the season to get organized! My kids got lots of toys, and with our limited space we have to keep it organized. Right now the toys are in fabric boxes from Target, and they hold the toys, but the kids can't see what is in the box so they dump everything. I am going to our hardware store tomorrow and buying more clear plastic storage boxes that have lids the kids can't open by themselves. This keeps toys organized by theme: dinosaurs, Little People, all things vehicle related, blocks, etc. and the kids can't open another box without cleaning up what they already have out. Plus, they stack nicely. I also used some of my Walmart gift card to buy some portable shelving for our little closet hoping that will help me keep our clothes neater. I love finding organizing solutions for my small space living problems. I'm looking into Command hooks next. And looking forward to our bunk beds to go up in a couple of weeks.
Unrelated-I heard my blog referred to as "the rants of a crazy lady". Maybe I should change the title.

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