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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

kids and dogs

What I hear as I am coming out of our storage room: "Let us out, Will!"
Will: "No!"
Me: "Will, let your brother and sister out of that cage!"
Will: "No. They bad. They in jail. I'm a policeman!"
I took this picture while in the car...It was just too funny to me. They are all on the same bench in our 12 passenger van... the other two benches have been out since before Thanksgiving, and I'm ready to have at least one bench back. The reason? We bought bunk beds and they have been in the car for that long. We also bought house stuff that I picked up in Inyokern ages ago (the Infiltrators for our septic system...) Anyway, it's been way too long with my car being used as storage and I'm ready to have it back! And, the kids fight more when they are so close to each other. They need some room!

A collage of our dogs- Lucy the Lab, and George the Great Pyrenees. I got two shots of them wrestling, which they like to do. I have a list of what I like about each dog:
Lucy: Doesn't chew on everything, doesn't dig, is good on a leash, is almost trained completely (sometimes she doesn't come when I call her if she doesn't think it's in her best interest... like when it's time to go in her kennel.) She's not going to get any bigger, and she likes to chase sticks and toys. She's learning to drop what she retrieves, and she has just enough energy to be fun for awhile, and then she likes to rest.
George: Likes to take naps, likes to watch people, is very furry but doesn't shed much (yet), follows the kids around, especially Ed. He's a pretty mellow dog, considering his age. (He's still a puppy, and you know how puppyhood is: chewing, potty issues... just like a toddler. I'll be glad when that part is over! Just like with my kids!)


  1. Love Kacy's trademark look from inside the "Jail" and the 55 gallon dog house looks cool. The dogs look cute together. Jared likes to get locked in our crate...some times he thinks he is a dog, barking, licking, and all.

  2. Your kids are CUTE! You must be so patient... 3 kids, 1 on the way, 2 dogs, in the process of building your own home, I would be pulling my hair out.