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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Last Day of the Month

Yea- we made it through January. The last week has been filled with weather that doesn't cooperate with the kids going outside. So they stay inside, where I can hear and see every naughty thing they do. The cute things too, but the naughty things seem to be more than the cute right now. Tuesday I took Will to get him screened for his speech, and the speech lady said he was fine. So, that is a relief, and now my suspicions are confirmed- his personality, coupled with Kacy's penchant for talking for and over him, has delayed him a little. When Kacy isn't around (THAT is rarely- like when she's in the bathroom...) Will actually talks a lot more and more clearly. He fights her in the car saying "Kacy, it's my turn to talk!" Some funny things Will told the speech lady while looking at picture cards:
Her: Do you like apples? Will: Yea, but they have seeds in them.
Her: Does your house look like this? Will: No, we live in a trailer.
Her:Do you know what bees make? Will: They make honey for themselves.

Me listening: WHO is this kid, and I'm glad he knows something! You see, when your kid doesn't talk a lot, and tends to play by himself a lot, you start to wonder if he's paying attention to the world at all. Now that he is talking more, it can be funny to have that insight into his mind. Anyone who has spent 15 minutes with us knows that Kacy talks a lot. I think Ed might be the same way- last night he was playing with George, and he said a complete sentence- "Peek-a-boo! I see you George!" So poor Will, number 2, gets overlooked maybe.

President Hinckley died on Sunday, and it doesn't upset me at all. Old people dying just doesn't bother me. Seeing people sick and in pain bothers me more- like when my grandpa M. was home with his oxygen, he was in bed saying "this thing is plugged up, it's just not working!" and then stuck the nose piece in his glass of water to check it- there were lots of bubbles coming up. It was working great- it was his body that wasn't working so well. That bothered me a lot more than his actual passing away. I was a lot younger when my grandpa S. passed away from cancer. Sometimes dying is a relief for all involved- just think! They get to go see their family and freinds who have already passed away. And no more pain. I look forward to see who our next prophet will be. I always enjoyed listening to Gordan B. Hinckley. I'll remember him for being the temple bulding prophet- we have so many more temples now!

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