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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday, Ed, and the Economy

Today has been somewhat interesting for me. We went to church, where the kids were unusually well behaved. The two older ones are mostly behaved now, but today they had that little extra "something" that made me appreciate life. Ed slept on Ryan (go RYAN!) We came home and when Ryan opened the door he said "It smells like Sunday!" which is a lot better than the many smells my pregnant nose picks up on any given day. As is our new tradition, if we stay home on Sundays, I put a roast in the crock pot and bread in the bread machine and it smells and tastes great. We eat right when we come home. Now everyone is napping, even the dog. Some other things:
I am trying to "sleep train" Ed. He is not allowed near his crib anymore, so this new world of freedom at bed time is driving me nuts! He gets up and up and up and up. I forgot what it was like- Kacy was easy. She has always been the BEST sleeper. Will was a little harder, and he was about the same age as Ed. He was ready for it though. Ed? Ed is the devil and when he wakes up five times a night he comes to our room and stands there. Five times last night- three within an hour. Ed is physically unable to sleep in a crib, but mentally unready for a bed. What to do? Kacy and Will are good sports about it, since they are sharing their space with him. Ryan is supposed to put up the bunk beds this week. I don't think it'll help, but maybe them being off of the floor will help ME. Bending over and lifting Ed makes my belly hurt.
After the awful week in the stock market. I am testing my patience... my once rockin' portfolio has taken a beating. It is down to 9% interest. It went from 49% to 9%... Yikes! Stupid people- if everyone would just say "Recession? Phooey!" and keep their money where it is, there wouldn't be so much volatility. But instead, it is like an open air market where ONE guy says "Hey! I heard those bananas over there aren't any good!" and so everyone thinking of buying those bananas moves quickly away, and those who already bought the bananas panics and gets rid of them for a lower price. My least favorite thing about this whole "economy" thing? Lots of people blame the president. Like it is his fault that people bought houses they couldn't afford. His fault that lenders were giving away their money to people who didn't deserve it. His fault that people use credit cards like cash. Last time I checked, he is 1/3 of the main part of our government, and the American people themselves have more influence on the economy. But wait, I am remembering that I didn't pay much attention in gov't/econ and the only reason I got an A is because I did extra credit work being a docent at the local museum. DURING CLASS TIME. How awesome is that? So I could be completely wrong about the economy, but I can tell you that the city of Shafter produced more potatoes than Idaho during the 1950's, and that General Shafter was a big fat man who had to have his chairs special made. I've seen one, and it's huge.


  1. We missed you all yesterday. I love the Sunday smell of roast and bread cooking too. My mom must have had a roast on Sunday 95% of my life, or maybe I just remember it that way. We walked in the door and started helping with the rest of the dinner, and the boys read the Sunday paper.

  2. Love the shout out to the Shafter docent days! Like you, I know more about the history of Shafter than our country's government :)

  3. I'm so impressed with your knowledge and interest in the economy--especially the stock market! Your posts are always so intriguing! I don't always leave comments, but I always read your blog.