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Sunday, January 20, 2008

This Sunday

Today started out in what I consider to be a bad way. We woke up with our pipes frozen. Not a horrific plight, but very inconveinent as I like to shower and make my hair look decent for church on Sundays. We had our reserve tank with the pump, so we were able to flush the toilet and wash our hands and dishes. But no showers. So for me that meant nasty hair. Of course the pipes thawed at 9:00am, and we leave at 9:15. Not my favorite, but it could've been worse. (I remember using milk to flush the toilet last year when we had a really bad freeze for two weeks... ah, the memories...)
Ed is the devil. That's what I call him when he is having his 5% of badness show up- he is so good and fun for 95% of the time. Cute, funny, inquisitive, smart... and then there is the 5%. He pinches you if you make him mad. Or hits you. He yells. He has a temper. That is 2%, and the other 3% devil is when he is naughty and smiling the whole time. Like when he escaped our bench in church today and ran up to the choir loft/pulpit. This was way before church started, but still, he was smiling the whole time, looking at us like "Well, here I am! Woohoo!" Then he threw a fit after the meeting started because I wouldn't let him have a Jolly Rancher. There is a man in our ward who goes around shaking every one's hand, and in his hand he has a Jolly Rancher. (His name is Rooster.) Kacy and Will look forward to Rooster's handshake, and Ed is now old enough that he knows he's not getting one. I took him out for a minute, brought him back in, and everything is great until we start the sacrament portion of our meeting. He starts saying "BREAD! BREAD!" really loudly, and making monkey sounds. I cover his mouth to keep him quiet, but Kacy and Will are giggling at him. The bread comes and goes, and then it's "MORE BREAD! MORE BREAD!" Awhile later he is playing on the floor with some paper, stickers, and a pencil when he reaches under the bench to get something, but KEEPS ON GOING. He is so fast that by the time I turn around to see him he isn't there, and the skirt of the lady behind me is blowing in the breeze left by lightening fast Ed and she said "He's gone!" He crawled under three pews and was up and running out of the chapel before I could tell Ryan what had happened. Smiling a huge smile, giggling the whole time.
On a much better note, Will went to his Sunbeam class (after a little persuasion), Kacy went to her class (of course...I'm surprised she hasn't asked for homework yet) and Ed went to his nursery class. We came home to a loaf of fresh bread (yea bread machine!) and a roast, some carrots and some onions. I made cheesy mashed potatoes and everyone was happy. Ryan likes to make a roast beef sandwich and I have to admit that it is very good. He went to work and the rest of them went down for a nap. Yea!


  1. I get to miss Sunday naps this year. We go to church from 1-4, totally sucks!!!! At least your pipes wouldn't have been frozen, but you would definitely have cranky children then.

  2. Sounds like an adventure. We love Rooster. We always liked his handshakes as kids too!